Yellowstone National Park and The Badlands National Park

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Our travels continued to Yellowstone National Park, and the Badlands National Park.

We have been there many times before but this was the first time with our Tiger.  If you have never been to either park, what are you waiting for?  The crowds at Yellowstone can be large but as in the video there are parts of the park that no one stops at to enjoy the scenery.  Don’t just rush off to Old Faithful, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone take some time to relax and renew at the less crowded areas, you will be thankful.

The Badlands are unique, this trip we did both the Theodore Roosevelt National Park Badlands and The Badlands in South Dakota. Which are better? The best ones are the ones you can get to view quicker in your life, both offer beautiful views and a appreciation of what this country has to offer.

Till Next time safe travels.


Yellowstone and The Badlands Video

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