Tiger RAM Malayan Build Begins

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This has been a long journey to this point.  I started looking at Tigers some time ago and when I decided to pull the trigger Provan was introducing the Malayan.  The Malayan seemed to me to be the camper I was looking for, four seasons, all diesel and off road capable.  After watching Mr. Cooks build (Diplostrat) and taking notes and talking to Mr. Cook I told Provan to build one for me. 

The RAM seemed to be the perfect truck for me little did I realize that it would take over a year to get the chassis but it is finally here.  The photos below show the chassis at the dealership in SC, this was in March of 2015, Mark said he should have the unit finished in July which in Provan speak means September.

I will post as things develop.

In case you’re wondering the color is Maximum Steel Metallic, I know it looks black to me too.

2 thoughts on “Tiger RAM Malayan Build Begins

    Ron "Teton Tiger" Moeller said:
    May 11, 2015 at 15:01

    Looking good! Maybe we’ll end up picking our respective Tigers up at the same time.


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